I am a artist and Landscape photographer based in Oxfordshire. I use the term artist, because I am a firm believer in photography being on an equal platform to any other of the arts

 Landscape photography has been a huge passion for me since I picked up my first digital camera in 2010.

 The solitude and peace of being in the landscape, coinciding with the fact that I'm not great at interacting with people, and a little socially inept makes the landscape a perfect place to escape too.

I guess I am on a photographic journey, and still very much at the beginning. I hope to continually evolve and continue to attempt to evoke feeling and mood within my images.

I read these lines from a book from one of my photographic heroes, 'Eliot Porter' Taken from an old gravestone, they sum up my feelings perfectly.

The wonder of the world

The beauty and the power,

The shape of things,

Their colours, lights and shades,

These I saw.

Look ye also while life lasts.