Five days in Venice With the Fuji X-T3

Ok, so Venice was not strictly supposed to be a purely photogragraphic trip. Myself and my long suffering photography widow, also known as my wife were going to celebrate our 19th Wedding Aniversary.

But how could I go to Venice, one of the most photogenic cities in Europe, and not take my camera?

July is probably not the best time to visit from a photography point of view. The days were hot and stifling, and the crowds were beginning to flock in their droves.

So the deal was, I get myself up and out for five in the morning, leaving my wife to sleep while I go and photograph. The streets were quite, The air cooler and best of all apart from the odd photographer, no crowds.

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I would go and shoot for around three hours, make my way back to the hotel for eight, meet up with my wife for breakfast. This became my daily ritual for the next five days.

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So this brings me on to what gear I was going to take with me. I wanted to travel light, knowing that we would be doing a lot of walking, and in near thirty degree temperatures. It turns out we covered over seventy five miles in the five days, myself a little more, with my early morning excursions.

I’ve been using Fuji cameras for the last five or six years now, and whilst there’s no right or wrong, for me they work perfectly for what I need, and what I want to achieve with my images.

Knowing that lightness was to be a big factor, I packed my recently purchased X-T3, along with the X-E3 as a back up, Lens wise, in went the XF 18-55mm, XF10-24mm and the XF 55-200mm. Along with filters, spare batteries and memory cards, That was it. All packing nicely into my Domke F2 bag. This made for a really light and portable set up. My travel tripod went into the suitcase, so no worries there.

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After breakfast we would head out for the day, wondering, getting lost, never finding the same place twice! I think it’s fair to say, that there really is a shot around every corner in Venice, and it really is a photographers dream. The X-T3 stayed permantley around my neck the whole time, paired with the 18-55mm, which to be honest stayed on the camera the majority of the trip. I really do love this lens!

The X-T3 handled everything beautifully, never missing a trick, and I really do think It’s a great upgrade from my X-T2.

I never once felt uncomfortable carrying my gear around, although it was always a welcome break when stopping at on of the many cafes for a pizza or pasta lunch.

The 55-200mm I have to be honest stayed in the hotel room for the duration of the trip, But if I hadn’t of brought it, I probably would of wanted it, Who Knows?

For me the X-T3 and XF 18-55mm is the perfect travel combination, both for performance and portability. I’m really looking forward to trying out the XF 16-80mm for that extra versatility when it becomes available.

And as for Venice, I can’t wait to return.

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